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About this Cookbook

The Sporth Cookbook was written by Sporth creator Paul Batchelor. This is the Interactive version, with modifications and features by Pierre Cusa. In this version, every code sample can be easily run and edited in-browser. Some stuff has also been removed, mostly because the in-browser version of Sporth can't load external files.

How to read this book

From the editor to the right, you can type ctrl+Enter to compile and play, and ctrl+Space to stop playing. When the editor's text cursor is over a ugen, a tooltip will appear with the ugen's arguments and description.

If you are new to Sporth, read Part 2: How Sporth Works, to learn the basics.

Play around with Sporth. Have some fun with it. Then, dig into some of the thoroughly documented Sporth patches in Part 3: Example Sporth Patches. Studying these will help you master Sporth and build up an intuition for sound design in modular synthesis environments.

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